1. If it is a one-car wreck, why would you need a lawyer?

If there is a catastrophic injury or death, it is always worth investigating to determine if there is a Product or other claim.  Always no fee or expenses unless you recover.

2. Why would I need an attorney?

You may be entitled to benefits to which you are unaware. If certain safeguards are not utilized, your claim could be reduced or lost. To ensure a fair recovery for your injury or loss, you should consult a reputable attorney.

3. Is it important for the attorney hired to have professional liability insurance?

Absolutely. Our firm recommends that you only hire an attorney who has this insurance for your protection. All attorneys in our firm have professional liability insurance.

4. When should I call an attorney?

Call now. All telephone consultations are free. All in person consultations in malpractice, injury, death and products cases are free.

5. If I hire an attorney, must I go to court?

No. Mr. Moore’s settlement rate is above 95%, but you decide.

6. What if I have a small case and want to seek a recovery in Magistrate Court?

You can do this without an attorney if you wish. We have forms free of charge, which inform you of these procedures on how to sue in Georgia’s Magistrate Courts.